The topography and geography of Nepal provide an abundance of white water Rivers running from the spectacular Himalayan Mountains. Rafting started in Nepal in the 1980’s and since then has grown to be one of the most popular activities to do while visiting this beautiful country.

From multi day expeditions camping on big sandy beaches with high volume crashing waves of white water to steep glacial rivers running through the deepest gorges in the world, Nepal has it all. Beginners and experienced rafters will enjoy the challenging white water with some of the steepest and continuous rivers commercially rafted worldwide. This amazing country rich in culture will give you an unforgettable trip of a lifetime.


Nepal is said to be the number 1 kayaking destination in the world. It has so many rivers with diverse natures. Jungle lined pristine riverbanks, raging white water or gentle meandering streams the choices are endless.

If you want to learn how to kayak then Nepal is the ideal location with warm water and few hazards.Also, major expeditions have been accomplished down some of the steepest and challenging white water in the world.

Boasting spectacular scenery of the beautiful Himalayan Mountains and the cultural immersion of passing through remote villages, travel through Nepal by kayak is a unique and wonderful experience.

Nepal is a paradise for kayakers, small tight technical creeks, huge big volume rivers, expeditions, play boating or just cruising, the options are endless. The best time to paddle is October through to December and February through April however it is possible to paddle all year round as the water levels will determine the best spot to go.

There are kayaking competitions and rodeos annually and many international paddlers are putting Nepal on their list of places to go boating.

Whitewater Adventures Nepal specializes in white water kayaking and our guides are among some of the best in the world. We can tailor trips to your needs and paddling ability. Here are some options to choose from; Kayak clinics, guided trips, logistics, expeditions, outdoor education programs and family rafting trips.

Depending on what sort of paddling you want to do will dictate what type of kayak for you to use in Nepal. Whitewater Adventures Nepal have a range of the latest model kayaks from creek boats, river running and play boats for you to choose from. Most importantly you need to feel comfortable in the kayak that you use and our instructors can help you decide.

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